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Errorik Radio has arrived

I added a little new feature to the site; Errorik Radio is what I call it. If you click on the little Errorik Radio Icon icon in the top right corner of any page on my site, a little window should pop up, and shortly you should be listening to a song I have selected.
Macromedia Flash Player is required. A decent internet connection should also be used. I can't say how well the MP3s are going to stream on a dial-up connection. Leave me a comment if it doesn't work, or if you have any positive feedback.
I soon plan to upgrade the radio to include the ability to switch between multiple songs/genres. Right now you can only play one song that I have setup.
Update: I now have 29 songs available for play on Errorik Radio. The songs have been dividied into multiple categories as I see fit. The songs now advance one after the other and will repeat. Over 1 hr and 30 minutes of music - commercial free.

User Comments

Tuesday, March 16th 2004
Cool idea E. What song(s) are you currently playing? (Although I have hi-speed internet access, my work computer has no speakers)
When you have it set up to be able to select song/genre, I would select either Iron Maiden or Mozart. Maybe AC/DC or Beethoven. But that is about it.
Maybe some old blues, like Muddy Waters. But that is it. Also, twangy old country is kinda fun, Conway Twitty, Merle Haggard. But that is it. Really. Nothing else. Except some cool tech- like chemical bros or crystal method. But after that, nothing else. Some rap is OK too. Eminem, ya know. That "Hey Ya" song is cool too. Old Radiohead is good too. Old Weezer as well. Early punk is great from the Pistols to Green Day.
But first choice- definitely Iron Maiden and Mozart.
Thursday, March 18th 2004
OK this is like the single best comment I could have received. I love the steady diversion away from Iron Maiden/Mozart.

Too bad you don't know me well enough JB to know that I am only gonna post modern commericalized corporate music that is already played out on MTV.

We'll see how the library of selection grows after I get the thing really rolling.
Monday, March 22nd 2004
I was going for the "diversion" effect. Thank you for noticing. Glad you are sticking with the good ole' played out Top 40 stuff. Although, it isn't really 40 anymore is it. It is probably like the Top 25 now. Oh well. As Britny, Christine A, and Jessica Simpson can all attest, PopStarMaker version 5.1 is pretty good.

Quick Mozilla question: Do you ever hafta use IE to open any webpages? I know some pages say,"Best when veiwed with Microsoft IE".
Also, with Mozilla can you place the mouse over a hyperlink and see where the link takes you like in IE?
That is all my questions for now.
Monday, March 22nd 2004
BTW, great song- You got a great body but your record collection sucks. I appreciate that. And the descendents are great too.
Everything seems to be working fine with ErrorikRadio on my end. I can select a song and it plays within a couple of seconds. No lag during the song either. (I am at my own work with DSL.)
Wednesday, March 24th 2004
I try and test every web page I make myself in IE, you have to since it owns the market I want to make sure my pages/sites all work in IE.

There are a number of pages where the person who coded them didn't use valid HTML / CSS / JavaScript and though it may work in IE - Mozilla doesn't render the code. Entensity.net (content is mixed NSFW) is a site like this, any page where they load a video file, the code is not correct and the embedded video file doesn't play in Moz. So I have to manually load the video file.

Some site use DHMTL for some menus, and Moz wont display them right. Microsoft also took the liberty of making custom extentions to CSS and JavaScript, so when a developer that makes pages that *depend* on these custom extentions, those pages also don't work correctly in Moz.

It is a rare case that I have to open IE though. But since you can't (easily) un-install IE, it's always around if you need it.
Friday, April 9th 2004
E, Great idea. Love the Errorik Radio. PUNK, PUNK and more PUNK is great! I hadn't broken out Minor Threat in a long time and your hit list brought back some cool memories for me. FYI: I randomly found your archive regarding paintball SC Village today. Been there done that, cool games.

You're BLOG is cool as hell. Nice little piece of work. Keep the hit list growing. Commerical radio sucks and I've got nothing but bandwidth at work. Thanks ofr the entertainment.

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