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Think you can spot a shemale?

B3ta.com has put up a little quiz so you can test your skillz. I was 11 for 16. [via blogdex]

User Comments

Tuesday, April 2nd 2002
I just wanted to note that I beat Joel in my office on this test. He got 10/16.

I rule.
Tuesday, April 2nd 2002
13 for 16, buddy! Should I be proud? I'm the Ambassador of Androgyny. The Hero of Hermaphroditism.
Tuesday, April 2nd 2002
I got 10 out of 16, but I played by a simple rule of thumb. When in doubt, assume shemale. This is ALWAYS better than assuming otherwise.
Tuesday, April 2nd 2002
Steve, I think you can stand tall and wear an imaginary belt of authority as our undisputed Ambassador of Androgyny.

As for you Mike, with your way of thinking your bound one day or later to pull an Austin Powers and accuse your wife's grandmother of being a man.
Tuesday, April 2nd 2002
OK, this is funny too... if you view the source of the page, you can see all the sayings that it says when the test is finish based upon the number of correct answers, the first one is a riot....

0 correct = "You got NONE right! Impressive. You think men are ladies, and ladies men."
1 correct = "What? Are you stupid?"
2 correct = "Hmm. A very poor showing."
3 correct = "You had better me careful who you go home with."
4 correct = "Pretty bad. Look for the adams apple."
5 correct = "Rubbish."
6 correct = "Pathetic. Get glasses."
7 correct = "Nearly half right. Worse than average."
8 correct = "Half right. You guessed this didn't you?"
9 correct = "Hmm. Just over half right. Be careful out there."
10 correct = "Double figures! I should coco."
11 correct = "Not bad"
12 correct = "Getting there"
13 correct = "You got a few wrong. Weirdo."
14 correct = "Only two wrong. It's tricky isn't it?"
15 correct = "You almost made it."
16 correct = "Hooray! Looks like you can tell. Do you do this sort of thing often?"
Tuesday, April 2nd 2002
I got 12/16. I almost rule.
Wednesday, April 3rd 2002
Dude Ekosm my friend, this is twice now that I have beaten you I scored 12/16 ["getting there"]. It's kinda like in JavaScript class where I beat you by one once again! Hee hee! P.s. And on this quiz i didn't have any resources to choose from to see if they were male or female!

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