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Paintball and the effects of Pier Pressure

For the past three or so weeks I have been working with Steve on planning a huge group paintball activity. It all seemed to be coming together nicely. We had reservations made and were getting a group discount. And we had close to 50 people committed to going.
Then today (the day of the event) arrives...
At 7:15 AM I am on the road in a car packed to the ceiling with friends and their paintball gear, I'm decked out in full camo (pic maybe coming soon if I can get a copy), and we realize "So, who printed out the map of where we're going?" No one did. We'll I personally did print one out, but I just forgot to bring it. So this isn't a big deal, we all have cell phone and we make some calls and in no time we have directions.
So we're on track again...
Then we arrive at the place of play and I suddenly realize that this is a popular sport. There were tons of people there, most of them also decked out in full camo gear. This is gonna be cool. We all start loading up guns and getting ready when I realize that we left out a major part of planning an event. "Um, how are we going to find the rest of our group? We never setup a place to meet."
So this is a problem...
After going through the little pep talk the park gives at the beginning of the day, I figure I will start seeing other from our group. But no luck. The people I carpooled with are getting restless and want to play (same here), so I walk up and down every aisle of the parking lot. And as I finish the last row and start heading back to the entrance of the park, I hear someone calling out my name. And it's Steve with his 13 friends. BTW, reservation is under Steve's name. So we joined with his group and now have 18 guys all together.
So where's the rest of our group? That is the question. We all wanted to play so we decided to just get registered with the park and start playing. And that somehow we would meet up with anyone else that came. We figured that we would have a lot of no-shows and so we didn't want to wait for people that had no intention of showing up.
So we checked in and got registered...
While checking in we found another portion of our group. They are actually another group of 17 people that were already planning on going, and already regularly play together, that said they would join our group a few days ago. But they were not ready to play and we had people in our group that were getting really restless. So we decided to start playing and hoped that they'd be able to join us in a few games.
We never saw them again.
Here's the rest of the story in just a few words: We joined the advance team because the beginners team was full and consisted of 10 year olds and girls wearing sweaters and other clothes purchased from Old Navy. We got creamed every game except for two. Paintballing is a lot of fun. I want to go again. I will never go to SC Village again. They are unorganized there and make you do more walking than paintballing. I think if I had these robotic enhancements I could of done better.
End of paintball story.
I was home at 5:30 and the wife and I wanted to go out. So we made plans on dinner and a movie. I also had checked my e-mail and there was a reminder from my friend Jared that his band Pier Pressure was tonight. So we figured we could make time between the movie and dinner to see them.
Pier Pressure is a cover band that only plays shows on the Huntington Beach pier (and private parties). So we bundled our little boy up and started walking down the pier. If you have never been to the HB pier it is quite long. So long, that you can be half way down the pier and you have no chance of hearing if a band is playing at the end, or seeing them in my case since my vision is kinda blurry. You may not be able to see even with good sight.
Regardless of that, I knew they were playing already because everyone walking back towards the mainland had smiles on their faces. From know that my friends Jared, Keith, Josh, Mark and Ryan were all in this band together, I had no doubt that they were the one putting the smiles on these peoples faces. Jared, Keith, and Josh were all in The Decapitones (RIP), and Jared, Keith, and Ryan are all currently in another band Routine Riot. I recommend all three bands.
So we get to the end of the pier and watch Pier Pressure play. They stopped before the next song and all were amazed by the cute factor of our boy which they had yet to see. They snapped a photo with him and then played Baby Baby, a cover of Britney Spears. After about a half hour and them getting about 30 dancing to some Beatles covers, we departed.
We had fun watching them and it was a nice way to round off our day.
If I may touch a bit on the Beatles. I never got them. They have some great songs. But growing up, their fanbase seemed to be such a machine with such high numbers that I never really bought into them and I just ignored them. I haven't even bothered to d/l any MP3's of theirs. The interest just isn't there on my part. Maybe some day I'll bother with them, bur for now Tool will do.
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Wednesday, February 13th 2002
Looking over your site here, and i'm very entertained. Loved your work on the horseradish challenge. Brilliant. Also, Tool is awesome, love them. I think just for fun i'll go and comment on all your entries. After all, i have nothing better to do than play diablo 2, and i'm on a break, so... Here we go!

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