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Modern Art???

A man modifies an LA Freeway sign with additional driving instructions and calls it art. I'm not sure if I agree that it's really "art".
One art critic called it "terrific" because it shows that art can "benefit people".
The video that accompanies the story is more of an art peice to me than the freeway sign. The sign may get noticed and apreciated, but only as a driving aid, not as artwork to be admired. The video, from what I saw, has no narriation or spoken word, but follows the complete project, from the making of the sign down to the detail of taking color swatches and comparing them to existing freeway signs.
Now... I have a flip-side to my opinion. Because I love products that are design to be both useful, and appealing visually. Target released a whole line of products like this, all designed by Michael Graves.
Every product eccentially was "designed", and I think as of late was designed with the form of the product taken into consideration, and not just the function. Personally, I think my Sony Vaio notebook just "looks cool", same with my mouse. And the Apple studio displays. These products were made with art in mind, but they are still not art, they are products or tools.
I think a the interior decorating of a home can be considered art. So you take the whole collection of these product with a particular design in mind, and you outfit your home to be functional, but with a single "look" in place, and now you have flowing art peice that you surround yourself in.
I might add more into this later... I got to get back to work.

[story via co-working john]

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