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Living through blogs

Theres so much good stuff on the internet, and it's amzing how people find it all. When I first started my blog I did so because I wanted to keep a journal of some sort so I could have something to look back upon later in life (hopefully all my links will still point to live sites/stories yeah right, get real). But lately I have really gotten on this "blog trip" where I am really into reading other peoples blog. This is something I had really not done much of before. There are all these windows into people lives, people I have really no idea about. It's weird, because sometimes you can't tell if the blog you are reading is from a male or female, and you start forming opinions and decide one way, and then you find out you were wrong, and you are just thrown for a loop.
I am also hooked on blogs because you find out about things you could possibly live your whole life without finding out about, like DVORAK [via JK]. And you would miss out on personal experiences, such as encountering the dumbest girls in the world [via kottke.org]. And you would never know that such nightmares could haunt a person.
Weird Blog Experience of My Own That I Have Forgotten To Share For Several Weeks Now That Just Hit Me: Wife and Kid and I having dinner at Mom's place and I think that she might like to hear what her wonderful son did just two days prior while at work (refering to the Cinnamon Challenge of course). Again I will repeat, this is just two days after the challenge took place. So I begin the story of how I was at lunch and Mike wanted to bet me... And my mom stopped me and said, Is this about the cinnamon? I already read about that on your web site. I'm floored because 1) I didn't know my mother reads my blog changes things 2) My blog worked faster at spreading the story than I could myself. I had this same experience when getting together with friends at holiday parties, they already knew the story. Luckily, they let me amuse myself and re-tell them the story even though the web site dedicated to the event did a fancy job of documenting the whole thing.
Lately I have had so many little things to write, that I leave them out, because I feel they might clutter up my page because every little item has a title and sometimes the titles are hard to think up and sometimes I want to just post one line and why should a one line entry have it's own title. So I think I am about to start seriously considering switching to a kottke style blog where each day has it's own entry no matter how many times he adds to it. Pros: Takes up less room. Don't have to think up titles for each entry. Cons: Comments for a whole day's worth of my ramblings will all be combined rather than broken up to exactly what item they refer to. Same goes for others linking to me yeah right, get real. Harder for me to find something I know I wrote before because I can no longer skim the titles (others will also have this same problem of not being able to skim titles).
I think I might of just convinced myself outta changing my stylee. Oh yeah! Big Pro: I would longer need to worry about the time stamp showing one of the following: 1) My wife how late I was up while she sleep alone, and 2) my work that I occasionally rarely hardly sometimes will post an entry during what normally could be determined by some as working hours. This still is convincing enough to change my format. But makes the choice much more tempting.
Speaking of being up late, my wife just kissed me goodnight, so I am gonna follow her lead and go to bed.
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Sunday, January 6th 2002
Erik I love reading your blog. I'll miss your creative titles. But I have often wondered "how does he come up with all of these?" You're very creative. It's amazing how much I have seen your style develope through the years. I 'm feeling a little narrowminded by starting a blog community just for girls, I wanna link to your site to. We need to hang out soon... We still have your Christmas gift. I'm coming over.

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