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Think you can eat a tablespoon of pure cinnamon?

I did.
While at lunch today Mike said he'd buy my lunch if I could eat a tablespoon of cinnamon without coughing or spitting any of it up, and without the aid of any type of fluid. And you know when a free lunch is at stake I am going to except the challenge.
The quick version of this story is that I last about 5 seconds before a mushroom cloud of cinnamon blew out of my nose and I went into a frenzy of coughing and spitting it all outta my mouth. To make the situation even worse, the cinnamon in my nasal passages caused my nose to to start bleeding. Luckily Steve brought me some water to help me wash down the remaining cinnamon.
Joel caught several photos of the whole deal, here are just a few:
New! Mike just posted a web page dedicated to today's events. Enjoy.

User Comments

Thursday, December 27th 2001
I had no idea cinnamon, by itself, is practically inedible...well, unless you want a choking fit. :)
Tuesday, January 15th 2002
there is no cinnamon in Tiramisu
Saturday, December 11th 2004
I tried to do the same thing with the cinnamon. My manager offered me $100 to swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon. Instead of putting the spoon in my mouth, i just tilted my head back and dropped it down the back of my throat. Immediatly, i started coughing and cinnamon was coming out of my nose and mouth. My lungs felt like they just collapsed becasue i couldnt breathe and i thought i was going to suffocate. Finally, one of my co-workers handed me a cup of water. About 10 min later i went to the bathroom and the toilet looked like the trash can in the pics above.
Thursday, April 28th 2005
I just did this challenge yesterday. Wow. I thought beforehand that it "couldn't be THAT bad...its only cinnamon." (aka "I'm an idiot.")
First I started choking so hard I really thought I would die, and then my throat and lungs burned extremely bad. I started sneezing cinnamon, and made myself throw up because I had such horrible indigestion from coughing so much. Ugh.
Saturday, May 7th 2005
I did it successfully you pansies(about 4 hours ago)... for a measely $15 Canadian. Although I went through practically the same symptoms you all experienced... and I feel different now. I also once ate 4 pickled eggs in under a minute and won a bar tab for four hours. Try that one too, I think its harder.
Thursday, May 26th 2005
i did that today... i was offered $40 at work i did it and thought i was going to die i couldn't breath and the cinnamon was caked on my throaght it hurt so bad that was the stupidest thing i ever did
Sunday, June 5th 2005
Wow, that looks pretty nasty. Although, I think I've done worse. Once, on a dare, I snorted [yes, up my nose] a fat line of fresh ground chili powder. The following hour or so was ridiculously painful. Surprisingly, no nose bleed.
Thursday, February 9th 2006
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