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I just wrote the perfect "8"

I was writing the date (today is the 18th) and after I put the "8" down on the paper I had to stop because I was amazed at how perfect it was. It's shape and style combined in the most pleasing way.
Sometimes the bottom half of my eight is too skinny, and looks like a line, and the "8" could probably be read as a "9" (which is really bad, think if I wrote a check for $82.73 and the bank deposited it as $92.73). But this new "8" I just wrote is perfect, the upper half is larger than the bottom, like the alpha male from a group of wild gorillas pushing it's chest outward proclaiming his dominance.
Unfortunately at work I have access to neither a scanner nor a digital camera. So you are just going to have to take my word for it for now.
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Thursday, April 18th 2002
First of all, interesting thing to know: My popup killer software (which is coincidentally called PopupKiller) won't let me open this comments window.

Also, I've been known to write a perfect "1" before. I am impressed with the perfect eight. You know, I think that in the olden days of figure skating, they had to do a perfect figure eight on the ice. In the spirit of competition, I suggest you try performing figure eights elsewhere in life. While eating pasta for instance. Finding a parking spot. Making yellow snow. You get the idea.

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