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Kazaa and my very own webserver

It's been about a week since I've written anything here. I've been busy. Doing what? I dunno. This past week I have been buying components to put together my personal web server. It's a dual Athlon MP 1600 server and I am quite please with the idea of finally having a dedication web server to myself.
I've also been busy downloading movies. Yep, whole movies. The quality isn't the best, but we're talking about movies that are still in the theatres! For free! My wife and I recently enjoyed Shallow Hal (I love Jack Black). We don't really have a problem paying to go see a movie, but with a 6 week old baby boy it's not as easy to get out to the multiplex these days. So for the convienece we just watch the movies at home. I want actors I like (like JB, Owen and Luke Wilson, etc.) to continue to be in movies, so I we continue to rent movies (we just rented two movies last night even with close to 10 movies that I have downloaded and haven't watched yet). And plus we will go to the movie theatre when possible because we personally love the experience.
The movies are all available from my new favorite file trading program Kazaa, which has gotten some pressure lately for the files being traded.
Amazingly enough I haven't been playing my GameCube much lately. This past week I had two night planed out to game with some friends of mine. One night (Wednesday), 15 minutes before my bud Nate got to my house I get a call from another friend Ed asking if I could help him move a couch from his old apartment to his new. Even though I had plans I said "yes" for a few reasons a) I wasn't able to help him move the majority of his stuff the previous Saturday and I felt I owed him some help b) I figured I could convience Nate to go with, and with the two of us a couch could be moved in no time and we'd be playing the GameCube quickly c) I'm a sucker.
So Nate is down with helping a brother out and we met up with Ed at his work. He has a full blown moving truck and discloses that we got 2 couches, a bed, and some other stuff to move. Thoughts in my head, "Not a big deal. We'll get this moved and it will be done with." So then we arrive at his old apartment. Good news: More people there to help out. Bad news: More stuff to move than previously disclosed. In addition we now have and extra bed, and about a full living room full of kitchen ware, toys, clothes, blankets, CD's and other misc stuff that are all not in boxes. So Ed has about 3 strikes against him right now in my book.
In the end: The move was completed and Nate gamed while I worked on my new web server.
Next night (Thursday), Nate, James, and Dave all came over. I again worked on my new web server. Nate did most of the GameCube playing, and James and Dave talked about Iron Maiden and AC/DC. Nate did help me put the heatsink and fans on my two CPUs which I haven't done in a long long time. Thanks.

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