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Calling All MAX Attendee Gamers (NDS or PSP)

In less then two weeks I will be attending the Macromedia MAX developer's conference in Anaheim, CA with over 2000 other attendees. I know I can't be the only gamer going.
This is a formal call to all gamers bringing their portable gaming systems to the conference to get together for some matches. So whether your console of choice is the Nintendo DS or the Sony PSP, I have made some tags to attach to your MAX conference badges to invite some gameplay.
You can download the tags as PDFs and print them as is - or modify them to display your game of choice, or maybe even a custom taunt to attract some fierce competition.

I am also going to add a PDF for a common AVERY brand label template, so you can print out stickers to attach to your badge, look for those coming soon.
If you see someone wearing one of these tags in the hall, feel free to stop them on the spot and ask for a challenge, or arrange for a later time to meet up. And the reverse, if you decide to wear the tag, be open to challengers.
I would love see these attached to badges floating down the conference center hallways. And maybe even having notable PSP owner and MAX speaker Ray Camden wearing a tag and participating in a match or two against other attendees?
Look for me at the welcome reception, not only will I be sporting my tag but I will have spares to hand out to those in need as well.
I would also like to maybe arrange a specific time slot to have a gamer's "meet-up" during the afternoon or evening on Monday, assuming that there is a time slot that doesn't interfere with the Birds of a Feather discussions going on. If you are interested in this, leave a comment here with your e-mail address (kept private) and an ideal time slot for you.
The Nintendo DS and Sony PSP are perfect for this type of activity due to their wireless gameplay capabilities. The Nintendo DS is even more so suited with it's single card multi-player games - meaning that, for some games, only one player needs to own the game and it is broadcast out to the other players.
I am personally only a Nintend DS owner, and I own the puzzle game Meteos that has this single card feature. So I am looking for a good challenge and you have no excuses - unless you are a PSP owner, then you have to find someone else.
Please spread the word about this, and I will see you at MAX.
- While the idea for the badge tags was my own, I took the NDS design from themodgods.com's subway flyer.
- Here's a photo of my MAX 2003 and 2004 badges with my tags as an example (I am guessing the 2005 badges will be the same).

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