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Campaign to buy a Mozilla Firefox ad on The Million Dollar Home Page

You may have recently heard about this Million Dollar Home Page site. Its a get rich type site where the owner has set aside 1,000,000 pixels on the home page for ads. He has divided the space into 10x10 pixel squares that he is selling off for $100 each ($1 a pixel). The price seems kinda steep, but he is guaranteeing that the site and ads will remain active for 5 years (until August 2010). So if you bought a 10x10 square, your monthly advertising budget is only around $1.67 - not too bad.
So what better to advertise than Mozilla Firefox - the worlds best web browser? Prime real estate is still available on the site. And there is no limit to the size plot you can purchase. I am thinking that a 20x20 space would be perfect - it is just the right size to put the Firefox quick launch icon. Here is a preview...
If you haven't done the math yet, a 20x20 pixel space would cost $400 US. That's a lot more than I have available, but if I can get a large number of people involved then the cost per person would drop down to just a few bucks. So I am asking anyone and everyone who wants to help and pitch in to get a Firefox spot on the Million Dollar Home Page to contribute to my Drop Cash campaign. You can easily contribute via PayPal. So if you are like me, and you have a few bucks in your PayPal account, please contribute.
All contributors that donate $10 or more will be added to a list on my site getting credit for making the Firefox ad possible. If you aren't willing to donate, the least you can do is spread the word to those that might be willing to. Thank you.
Note: If for some reason the response to this is huge, I would love to raise even more money and buy an even bigger spot. 30x30 = $900, 40x40 = $1600, and so on and so forth. The bigger the better!
Note #2: If we can't reach my goal of $400, I will refund all contributions (minus any PayPal fees - sorry).
Note #3: Let's buy a nice spot right in the center near the top before GoldenPalace.com buys the best spot!

User Comments

Friday, September 9th 2005
I don't wanna use Paypal. Can I just send you a check?
Sunday, September 11th 2005
http://onemillionpixels.com is now in competition for your pixel buying... :)
Tuesday, September 13th 2005
The idea is dead - did not get much support at all (basically 1 donor (thank you - your money is getting refunded), and I had some people on digg.com digg my story linking to this post).

So I am going to drop the campaign.

Thanks for visiting... go get Firefox.
Monday, November 7th 2005
That was a good idea. I have put a Firefox icon on my desktop. You can see it at:
After all, Firefox is my one and only browser.

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