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Don't Steal My Act!

So I got into work this morning, and I thought I'd take a look at what's new, and went to FARK.com. And what do I see, this:
Maxim editor-in-chief eats spoonful of cinnamon, hilarity ensues
If you didn't know this, my co-workers and I posted a complete documentary of myself doing this same challenge on the web back in December of last year. And since we posted the challenge, we have dared each other into other challenges and posted all the results onto our web site StinkFactor.com.
Some of the other challenges currently up are Tori eating a bag of crickets, and Bob drinking a bottle of tobasco sauce.
So I go and take a look at the "Dare Maxim" page. And I notice the obvious similarities, and while it's nice to know that we inspired the whole thing, it also sucks because some people will see this and be none the wiser of StinkFactor.com and our pioneering efforts to make people laugh and enjoy their day. And the next dare Maxim is doing is with hot sause... um, anyone else thinking about Bob and his tobasco sauce???
But then I had a moment of vindication... Another site I frequently visit, FunJunkie!, had this posted:
Maxim Rip-off Stinkfactor
News just in: Maxim Editor reads Stinkfactor, laughs until he falls off his chair at social misfits doing crazy stuff for cold cash. Stops laughing. Thinks, "Hey we could rip that off with nary a reciprocal clicky-link and no one would be any the wiser". Proceeds to do so. Maxim Stupid Challenges
So all is well, because some people will see the Maxim thing and think of where the real stink came from.

User Comments

Wednesday, July 10th 2002
Maxim idiots didn't even give credit where credit is most certainly due. Not right!
Wednesday, July 10th 2002
That sux, sorry to hear that gay Maxim peeps aint original. We know where it came from and support stinkfactor till death! (unless Maxim lets me date all those models, then I'll have to change my affiliation)!!
Wednesday, July 10th 2002
I'd guess your wife would be a bigger "affiliation" maker or breaker. Besides, Maxim models are made of silly putty and chalk dust, with a little airbrushing here and there. The magic of photography.
Sunday, July 21st 2002
I'm a little late to be jumping on the bandwagon, but yeah, Maxim sucks for doing that and any idiot with a camera and photoshop can make you droll over his one-legged toothless-grinning grandma... well, I might be exaggerating a tiny bit, but not much ;)
Saturday, April 9th 2005
Umm...Maxim sucks for everything it does. What a horrible piece of trash.

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