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Del Taco #780 Boise, ID

Hailing from Southern California, eating at Del Taco is 2nd nature to my wife and I. We love the Del and eat there 2-4 times a week when we visit So Cal around holidays. The past 2 years that we have lived in Idaho we did have what we had grown up with, Del Tacos nearly just around the corner no matter where you went. In fact, the nearest Del Taco bas been 304 miles away in Ogden, UT.
That was until today when Boise, ID finally got it's own Del Taco. Store #780. Of course my family and I were there to partake in the goodness that Del's menu offers. I get a Chicken Soft taco that I add a packet of Del Scorcho sauce to. My wife and kids stick to 1/2 pound red burritos and a strawberry shake (made with real strawberries).
Unfortunately opening day was not a complete success. The shake mixer was broken so my family did not get their strawberry shake we ordered (instead we were refunded and given a free cup for our choice of a fountain drink), and the deep fryer had issues through-out the day, making Del's awesome french fries not always available (kinda ironic that fries wouldn't be available in Idaho since potatoes are the state's number 1 export)... but while we coudn't get fries when we placed our order, they were available by the time we got our food - so we did get some.
Normally getting your food at Del takes 3-5 minutes, but tonight the manager was announcing to customers in line that it would take 25-40 minutes to get your order after placing it. I didn't time our order, but it probably took about 30 minutes. One final problem the store had was that they were not completely setup with the bank for opening day, therefore they were only accepting cash. I have no idea how the owner could make such an over site (mind you it's costly to get a Del Taco franchise), and then on top of that we waited 15 minutes in line before being told it was "cash only" tonight. And of course we didn't have any and had to go to the bank.
All that said... the food was delish.
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User Comments

Tuesday, May 3rd 2005
congrats! 3 items down, 45 more to go...
Wednesday, May 4th 2005
Awesome post dude. It reminded me of a story, read my similar post on my site.
Friday, May 6th 2005
Your post inspired me to go to the local Del Taco here. I've always been a Taco Bell guy, but I just got the 1/2 pound Macho Beef Burrito from Del.

I am now officially (and uncomfortably) full.

Definately on par with the finest Taco Bell burrito offering, the Grilled Steak Stuft Burrito.

Now I will have to add Del Taco to my roster of food places to go during the week. My list now includes:

Taco Bell
Baja Fresh
Del Taco
In n Out
A secret Japanese place, the name of which I won't devulge because then everyone will start going there.
Carls Jr.
Costco's (For the pizza, chicken bakes, and hot dogs.)

Places I wish were down here in So. Cal:

Crown Burger (SLC)- Best artery-bursting burger and fries, period.
Red Iguana (SLC)- Never had better Mexican than this place, even in Mexico.
Taco Time (Various States)- I love Taco Time.
Bukara Grill (NYC, 42nd St.)- Indian food so good, your fingers will tingle. Really.
The Pie Pizzeria (SLC)- The ultimate college pizza joint. They go through a ton of cheese a week there, literally.

Any other suggestions would be welcomed...

BTW- Big shout out to Jared and his Del Taco experience. Inspiring. Funny. Slightly crazy.
Friday, May 6th 2005
JB - you eat too much fast food. nah, just kidding, but that is a lot of fast food places for one week. My only Taco Time experience comes from Rexburg, ID. Good old Ricks College. I think I got 2 super soft tacos and my first Choco Taco. Not bad stuff. There are now 3 Taco Times in LA area. Here is their site: http://www.tacotime.com/ and click on LOCATIONS. Take Amy up to LA temple or something then out to TT for some good eats.

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