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The New Economy

This morning before work, on my way out of the gym parking lot, the guy in the car before me apparently didn't have any cash to pay the parking attendant at the booth.
The line of cars trying to exit the parking lot started to grow, as the attendant lady was not going to let this guy get out without paying. Then I see the guy hand over 3 apples to the lady. She smiles, and pushed the button to raise the arm blocking the exit.
I think this can teach us all a invaluable lesson on life: Keep a basket of fresh fruit in your car.
Think about it... next time someone does something nice for you... throw them a banana.

User Comments

Thursday, October 17th 2002
How come you never post here anymore?
Thursday, October 17th 2002
Just been busy and stuff... I will prolly start posting a lot more soon.
Friday, October 18th 2002
Now that I think of it, I wish that parking structures had slot machines instead of attendants. You pull the crank, and if you hit the jackpot, well, you get free parking, otherwise you pay according to whatever combination you reached. You'd never pay more than say, a buck or two over what you'd normally pay, just to keep it fair and profitable.

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