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Want Apple QuickTime without iTunes?

So I have been peeved for a while since Apple started forcing WinXP/Win2k users to download iTunes to get an updated version of Quicktime. I have avoided upgrading because of it. But recently I sought out to see if anyone else had released Quicktime without the iTunes bundle. It was all a matter of doing the right search terms in Google. Cos sure enough a simple quicktime stand alone search returns Apple's stand alone installer page.
UPDATE: A revisit to Apple's site shows that they include links to the stand alone installer on their regular download page, and from the main Quicktime page. Apple isn't being super shady about getting a stand alone player - but I sure was confused, and I am not alone.

User Comments

Wednesday, January 19th 2005
I have been peeved about this for a bit too. Especially when I recently downloaded a program and it forced me to downloaded QT with iTunes, which of course I didn't want. So thanks for the link, the best one I found can be found here: http://www.softwarepatch.com/internet/quicktimedownload.html. (But beware because it automatically downloads).
Wednesday, February 2nd 2005
Search for Quicktime Alternative.
Quicktime has always been nasty.
Wednesday, February 2nd 2005
Crud!! I just downloaded the whole thing today- Quicktime AND iTunes. There is no uninstall iTunes option either.
Thursday, February 10th 2005
Apple standalone download just doesn't work for me. It says the download will start shortly. It doesn't. I should click the link beneath, if it doesn't. Well the link doesn't work either. I try hitting "contact us" link. "Not found on this server". Is it just me, or has Apple become extremely cheeky?

They can be sure I won't be buying any hardware from them or recommending any for the next 10 years. This is almost as bas as RealPlayer marketing strategy.
Friday, February 11th 2005
Apple's download page has a JavaScript stopping the download from working... maybe they will find this on their own. But most likely alerting them is the best way to get this fixed.
Monday, February 21st 2005
If you are still trying to get the stand alone, the Apple web site is still broken, but the link (taken from the source of their own page) is:


thats the Win XP standalone installer.
Tuesday, March 1st 2005
Apple have sunk to new lows and it will do them no favours. after what Ive just been through, [I wont go into it] I am feeling extremely violent towards apple.
Wednesday, March 2nd 2005
I installed the lot, it seems the only way to get rid of it is to manually cut it out. You'll need to disable the service, and disable it in startup in msconfig. End all the ipod/itunes tasks, and then just delete the folders, then delete all the registry entries unless you have a program that will search for unassigned keys and remove them for you.
Friday, April 29th 2005
The link to the standalone version no longer works. Apple shoves iTunes down your throat wheter you want it or not. I guess sometimes they learn from Microsoft.
Friday, April 29th 2005
Updated info: Apple changed the URL for the standalone to:

The ".html is new". You've got to hunt around on their page to find this.

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