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The Popular Vote and the Electorial College Agree; Bush Wins, Kerry Concedes

Hip hip hooray we can move forward again. While most of America wanted George W. Bush to remain president, the popular opinion in the blogosphere is that the man had to go, and today will be rough for some people. Being a Republican and a supporter of the Republican ticket this past year was one of the hardest yet, never before in my life have I felt such a line drawn between myself and others around me.
While at Warped Tour I was faced with numerous bands that I like telling me to vote for Kerry. While watching TV I see actors and such that I enjoy like Jack Black and Natalie Portman wearing T-shirts supporting Kerry. While reading my list of daily blogs I couldn't help but being drowned with anti-Bush pro-Kerry sediment. I am currently attending the Macromedia MAX 2004 developer conference in New Orleans, and yesterday there was tons of politically biased messages being thrown about.
I can't tell you how many times I have heard the statement that this election is "the most important election in this nation's history." How can that statement be tossed around so lightly? I hear that and I think of Abraham Lincoln ending slavery, and Ronald Regan's work with the Cold War - And how much of an impact these men have made on our country, and thus our lives. I think if they weren't elected president in their times, the impact it would of had our lives now would be much greater than the impact this election would of had on future generations to come.
I go agree that this election is important, and I will even state that this election is the most important presidential election this year in the United States. I am glad that the voter turn out was the highest ever, and that more people voted for George W. Bush than any president ever in the history of our country. I think it's a positive direction that we are moving in as empowered voters in America. I thinks it's great that Kerry has conceded [when he lost]. Good man. Now let's move forward. Hopefully in four years we can be more unified as a country. I know that most people vote party lines, but hopefully we can not hate each other for our party lines.
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Wednesday, November 3rd 2004
I am very happy Bush won. You make some wonderful points in your entry, and you should be commended for your integrity and convictions.

And as crazy as it sounds, George W. Bush will go down in history as a great president. Most revere Reagan and Lincoln now as great statesman and leaders, but they were dispised during their presidencies (Lincoln assasinated, Reagan shot). Both Reagan and Lincoln took us through a war. Both did what was right, even if unpopular.

This was a very polarizing election, I too felt that "line" drawn around me. Here is an interesting article regarding that polarization:


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