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Photo Tribute: My Son

In honor of today being my son Johnathan's 3rd birthday, I have rounded up 60 odd photos of him to share. Beware of his extreme cuteness and the 1.21 MB worth of photos.
Jboy 1 of 60
Jboy 2 of 60
Jboy 3 of 60
Jboy 4 of 60
Jboy 5 of 60
Jboy 6 of 60
Jboy 7 of 60
Jboy 8 of 60
Jboy 9 of 60
Jboy 10 of 60
Jboy 11 of 60
Jboy 12 of 60
Jboy 13 of 60
Jboy 14 of 60
Jboy 15 of 60
Jboy 16 of 60
Jboy 17 of 60
Jboy 18 of 60
Jboy 19 of 60
Jboy 20 of 60
Jboy 21 of 60
Jboy 22 of 60
Jboy 23 of 60
Jboy 24 of 60
Jboy 25 of 60
Jboy 26 of 60
Jboy 27 of 60
Jboy 28 of 60
Jboy 29 of 60
Jboy 30 of 60
Jboy 31 of 60
Jboy 32 of 60
Jboy 33 of 60
Jboy 34 of 60
Jboy 35 of 60
Jboy 36 of 60
Jboy 37 of 60
Jboy 38 of 60
Jboy 39 of 60
Jboy 40 of 60
Jboy 41 of 60
Jboy 42 of 60
Jboy 43 of 60
Jboy 44 of 60
Jboy 45 of 60
Jboy 46 of 60
Jboy 47 of 60
Jboy 48 of 60
Jboy 49 of 60
Jboy 50 of 60
Jboy 51 of 60
Jboy 52 of 60
Jboy 53 of 60
Jboy 54 of 60
Jboy 55 of 60
Jboy 56 of 60
Jboy 57 of 60
Jboy 58 of 60
Jboy 59 of 60
Jboy 60 of 60

User Comments

Thursday, October 21st 2004
well done.
Thursday, October 21st 2004
I cant believe that our son is already three years and I cant believe that he is so cute. I love him so much and cant wait for him to grow even more and get even cuter. I love you Johnathan.
Thursday, October 21st 2004
Johnathan has been a doll since the day he was born. He even has an adorable mad face. Watch out ladies of the future! Happy Birthday Johnathan!!
Thursday, October 21st 2004
I remember the day Erik called me and said Kathryn was pregnant. Time flies... You two have a beautiful family. You are blessed in so many ways. Congratulations on making it to greatness.
Friday, October 22nd 2004
Wow, Johnathan is all boy-- no more baby to him at all. Thanks for sharing the pics, I loved looking at them.
Friday, October 22nd 2004
3 years???! That's amazing. Who woulda thought Erik that we would still be in contact after all these years, it's all good. Johnathan is a cute kid and he keeps getting cuter. He's fun to be around too. It was fun to watch him become a little person. Wish we could see more of you guys more often. Thanks for the pictures.
Tuesday, October 26th 2004
My favorite picture is the one where he is looking all cute and everything.
Wednesday, October 27th 2004
Leave it to JB to write something like that...pure comedy genius I tell ya! Hey JB u getting GTA: SA came out Monday.
Thursday, October 28th 2004
Erik and Kathryn, I too echo the comments above i can not tell you how proud i am of both of you. I was thrilled to spend the last week with you and look forward to my next visit. You both can be very proud, i know i am ..
Saturday, October 30th 2004
Well, I guess my first coments have been censored...hmmmm
My how time fly's! You know how dearly I love Johnathan and the fun I have when we are together! I love our cooking monkey bread and our flashlight walks - I hope they continue even as we both grow older. I know I will develop special things with Lydia as I have with Johnathan. Our talks with Mr. Moon are my favorite ~ because no matter how far apart we are - we can still talk to each other. I love my grand-children dearly - but I love their parents even more! ~ love you ~ Nana' / Mom

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