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Home Network Finally Running (Minimum Install)

Over a year ago I was crawling under my then new house and punch holes in the walls and drilling holes into the floor to run Cat 6 cables from the main rooms to a central hub in a closet under the stairs. I bought all the connectors and tools required for the job. I had even bought a 12 port patch panel for the closet. I wired my house as follows: 5 ports in my office, 2 in the family room by the entertainment center, 2 in the living room where my wife's desk is, 1 in my bedroom, and 1 in two of the other bedrooms of the house. But I never finished the project, I never connected the dot and made the thing work. I never terminated any of the cables, I just left all the cables hanging out of the wall.
My wife Kathryn never really complained about the cords or holes, maybe a few times here and there, but not really. However she did often get on my back about her computer not having internet access (rightfully so - it should have had access). She instead had to use my notebook with WiFi at her desk - which was a pain because she does all her MS Money on her own desktop but needed access to the internet, etc.
Flash forward to tonight. Well first to last night... I made plans with my wife that I was going to work on the network, and she would handle the kids.
Then tonight I got the bare minimum completed, I terminated 2 cables in my office, and 2 by her desk, and then the opposite ends of the cables into the patch panel in the closet. I had purchased some 3 ft. patch cables at Fry's the last time I was in So Cal (cause the Cat 6 cable I have is really a pain to crimp connectors onto), so I plug them all in and - voila! - Instant home network! Er.... long overdue home network!

User Comments

Wednesday, August 4th 2004
Erik thank you so much for getting me the internet our kids are going to be ignored a lot more now this is great! haha. but i do feel that i will be more in touch with the world now. thanks a lot, love ya
Wednesday, August 4th 2004
Slacker! Man, my wife would kill me if I had two kids and cords hanging out of the wall. Are projects ever really finished though? Anywho, good job on the home network.
Wednesday, August 4th 2004
Yes I am a slacker... and yer welcome babe. Glad you can now visit my blog and see all the links I posts with ease.

And the kids will be fine.
Wednesday, August 4th 2004
Oh Nathan I forgot to mention.... YES your wife would kill you if she found out you had 2 kids. : C )
Wednesday, August 4th 2004
Way to finish a project Erik! One down and five thousand more to go.... Isn't it great having a house? By the way--there is a slight possibility that we could be moving to Nebraska.
Thursday, August 5th 2004
Wow Jessica that would put you driving distance away! If so, what city? Is it for B's work?

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