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No Bad Religion For Me

Last night I read on the Epitpah web site that Bad Religion would be playing a few shows later this month at some small clubs in Hollywood. At first I thought how rad it would be if I only had a connection to get in. To me Ticket Master is not an option. They suck. Then I realized, um, I *do* know a person that can prolly get me into the show. Guttermouth is an Epi band along with BR, so my thoughts were that the chances are high that Mr. Guttermark can get me in. So today I talked with Mark about it... and he's down with doing his best to get me in.
Happy Day.
So I just went to confirm the info on the show, and found out that it's two days after I leave to go out of town. So I can't go to the show. Major bummer.
I'm really bummed about this too cos the last time I tried to see BR they cancled the show I had tickets to. And supposedly they were going to annouce a show that would honor all tickets from the previous show, but here I am with unused tickets still. I even tried contacting Ticket Master and contacting BR's management and I have yet to recieve replies from either party. But BR's new album, The Process of Belief, comes out at the end of this month and it rocks! I've had the MP3's for a few months now and I still listen to them regularly. I highly reccommend it.
This entry goes along with one of my 2002 New Year Resolutions. I resolve to make all reasonable attempts to see the following bands play live: Dashboard Confessional, Tenacious D, and Weezer. This list may grow, but I have initially choosen these bands because all three are bands that last year I missed seeing when I had the chance. So this year I am going to make up for it. Weezer I have seen before, the others I have never seen live before. The D reign supreme!

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Monday, January 7th 2002
I remember seeing Bad Religion back in 1990 or 1991 with (I think) The Vandals. They were pretty good, but even then they were slipping from (in my biased opinion) their heyday of No Control and Suffer. I was pretty disappointed with the next few records and lost track of them sometime in the mid-90s.

The D, on the other hand, I would love to be able to see... although I'd love to see them in a small bar like they always played at on their show. I can't imaging being surrounded by thousands of Tenacious D fans (not one of them being Lee). It sort of goes against the whole mythos of them being rockstars only in their own minds.
Monday, January 7th 2002
The new BR album is a step back towards the sound they had going in Suffer and it's a very refreshing thing to hear especially after being disappointed with the past two albums of theirs. I was expecting it to be all over for them, and then this album changed my opinion of that.

Since you brought up the Vandals... they are horrible now. I worked for them for a little while and by the end of working for them I was embarrassed by their recorded music. Live show wasn't as bad.

I, as well, hope to see The D in a smaller setting, maybe House of Blues. My buddie Mike just saw them with Weezer in a stadium setting and he was quite pleased, and so shall I be if that's my only chance I get.

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