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Finally an Idahoan?

Today my wife and son and I floated down the boise river in a little rubber raft. It was a blast. We talked to other people on the river along the way, and really enjoyed the time. Mostly calm waters... except for a few parts that were rough enough to scare my boy into tears (my wife's screaming didn't help him stay calm).
As I partake more and more in local events/activities I wonder if I am being converted over from a Californian to an Idahoan?
Maybe, maybe not... but I am enjoying the time here.
Boise River Photo

User Comments

Wednesday, July 7th 2004
God's country, Erik. You're in God's country. Idaho is a pretty cool State. Of course, California is pretty cool too, but I am very glad you and yours are having a great time.
BTW, did the Mrs. like the trip when it was all said and done?
Wednesday, July 7th 2004
That looks like fun. I've been wanting to float down some rivers in Oregon lately. Will it make me an official Oregonian? What did you do with Lydia? I miss you guys. We should plan a get together soon. I wonder if there's somewhere fun to camp half way between us where we could meet for a weekend?
Thursday, July 8th 2004
Yes the Mrs. liked it alot. We went again on the 5th.... she went down twice, once I stayed and watched the kids.

You should definately do it.... we got some cheap rafts at Walmart for the trip. I recommend getting some oars as well so you have some control if you need to avoid hitting something. K's sister watched Lydia for us (aside from the one time when I watched Lydia while she went down with K).
I will see if I can find anywhere to camp... that sounds fun. We just recently took the kids camping and it wasn't too bad... I think we are up for it again.
Monday, July 12th 2004
I have since learned that I wont be a true adopted Idahoan until I get a Concealed Weapons License and use it regularly as my main form of photo ID.
Monday, July 12th 2004
Lucky dog, you. That would be cool to have, even if you did not have a weapon to conceal.
Thursday, July 15th 2004
Erik - I gotta tell you that being an Idohan requires 3 things: floating the river, going to the funny bone comedy club and wake boarding up at Lucky's peak. I have had the fortunate opportunity to do all 3 on the 4 visits to that great state of which you currently reside. Looks like you have 2 more tasks and you're in.

My first experience down the river ended in a rubber rash from the tube that I rented and a sacrificed pair of flip-flops, so your first trip didn't sound so bad.

Hope everything else is going well, I love the website. Talk to you soon.

Monday, August 2nd 2004
Jordon the Viking, ala my buddy Jordon, is all sorts of moody because you didn't respond to his post.
I still think the concealed weapon permit is the true status of an Idahoan. That, and understanding 'Napoleon Dynamite'.
BTW, I loved 'Napoleon Dynamite' a lot. Amy has already seen it twice.
Have you seen it yet?
Tuesday, August 3rd 2004
Yo Jordon, I don't respond to half the comments JB leaves - So my bad on not responding to you.

I immediately looked up the Funny Bone and they have a special in August for 2 for 1 - but no great performers... we could go see the guy known as the redheaded redneck in th Dodge Ram commercials who leans out of a beat-up car and utters the world-famous line: "That thing gotta Hemi?".

I hear that people from my church here go on trips to Lucky Peak, maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to get invited and be able to go wake boarding there. I have driven by Lucky Peak a few times while on the way to go camping, and the water looks so smooth, I want to get a PWC and see how fast I can get it up to there.

As for Napoleon Dynamite, I have not yet seen it. It was been playing here downtown at one theatre for several months, but now that it has gone into wider release I am hoping it makes it to the $2 theatre. The trailer/TV adverts make it look pretty funny. I like the one when he calls to get tickets to the zoo.
Tuesday, August 3rd 2004
yeah its fun doing that i did it in AZ down the salt river
Tuesday, August 3rd 2004
Napoleon is a very clever movie. It isn't always laugh out loud funny, it is much more subtle than that. If you want to see an honest, simple, funny, charming movie- see Napoleon Dynamite. It is NOT a 'Hollywood' movie at all. And I mean that is a good way.

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