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Panasonic SD5 - HiDef SDHC Camcorder
A self-purchase for my family and I. Upgrading from an old Sony Mini DV camcorder.Comment Icon
Interpol's got PhotoShop Skillz
Interpol has been able to reverse image effects unmasking a pedophile.Comment Icon
Amazon Launches DRM-Free MP3 Store
Cheaper than iTunes. Better quality than iTunes. DRM Free.Comment Icon
Raytheon brings the Pain Gun
"This machine has the ability to inflict limitless, unbearable pain."Comment Icon
How to Solve a Maze with Adobe Photoshop
This is the best hack of PhotoShop I have ever seen.Comment Icon
Urban Dictionary: Prewalking
Walking down the subway platform so that when you board the train, you'll be close to the exit or transfer point when the train reaches its destination.Comment Icon
How to Schedule MySQL Backups in Windows
Gotta love it when something you thought might be challenging is explained to be so easy.Comment Icon
Nintendo to release official MP3 Player for the Nintendo DS
The best handheld gaming system gets a media add-on. Nice.Comment Icon
Laptop sleeves like monster muppets
I don't care how much I like monsters and cartoons and such, I'd feel like the world's biggest weirdo if I actually carried this in public.Comment Icon
"Pee-wee's Playhouse" joining Cartoon Network's Adult Swim
Saturday mornings were so awesome as a kid.Comment Icon
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Errorik's Blog Archive

These are my blog entries - things I wrote, things I linked to, maybe a few rants, lots of improper grammar and personal stories.

Happy Halloween - My 1st Stop Motion Animation

For fun and a chance at winning a GoNintendo.com contest I created this stop motion animation. I had some help from JBoy (he's 5 yr old now) and my wife.

UPDATE: I freaking won! Woot woot!

Gyakuten Saiban 2 to Phoenix Wright Justic For All

If you are thinking about importing the Japanese Nintendo DS game Gyakuten Saiban 2 which is still a couple of months away from being released in the US as Phoenix Wright Justic For All, and you think it might be hard to access the English translation... well, um... you are wrong. It's just a single tap away.
Here is a Flickr set to prove it:
Yes I took 13 photos to demonstrate a single tap of the stylus!!!

MAXUP 2006 - Day 1

MAXUP is a new Adobe Conference that adopts the BarCamp style of short 15 minute presentations given by the conference attendees with the philosophy that there are no onlookers, just participants (everyone should be involved somehow).
This time around MAXUP is free, and held during (and almost within) the larger, paid for, Adobe MAX conference in Las Vegas, NV.
For the past 4 years I have attended MAX, this year I went to CFUNITED and that took up my conference budget for the year... but when the oportunity arose to present at MAXUP and I could attend for free and split a room with some buddies going to MAX I had to attend.
Day 1 was packed with good stuff. I am not able to attend MAX events like the General Session where Adobe showed off a lot of cool stuff (and entertained with the Blue Man Group), but no worries because I think the folks at Adobe, eBay, and Myspace all gave even more indepth demos of what they are working on at MAXUP.
As I said before, there were tons of topics packed into the day - about 19. The downside to it was that there were no breaks in the schedule. From 11AM - 5PM. Non-stop 15 minute sessions. Even lunch was booked with a Flex Drag Race course... luckily for me I am not into Flex so I was able to step away (I won't be so lucky on Day 2 with the ColdFusion Drag Race).
Most conferences have the problem with a session here and there that you aren't 100% into, or maybe you are 0% into, and you feel like you wasted 60 minutes of your day. But with 15 minute sessions its quite painless.
One major drawback has been the shotty Internet connection as the MAXUP area only had WiFi access for presenters, and they are sharing the same wireless as all the attendees, and at times the bandwidth crawled forcing some presentations to lack real demos, and in once case be cancelled altogether.
It is kinda difficult to be at MAX and then at the same time not be at MAX. But I am still able to "network" - I hooked up with Daryl and Patrick from webappr and talked about their great product SeeFusion and how we can use their consulting services to help with some server clustering issues at work. That right there I think made the trip worth it.
Oh yea... All MAXUP attendees present for the Myspace demo were invited to an invite only party at the Tao. Music provided by DJ Justin Hoffman.
Photos on Flickr. Enjoy.

Presenting at MAXUP in Vegas Today

Today I will be doing a short 15 minute ColdFusion presentation at MAXUP in Las Vegas, NV. MAXUP is a free mini-conference put on by Adobe within the larger Adobe MAX conference.
My topic is Processing Dynamic Forms with ColdFusion and is geared towards entry to mid-level ColdFusion developers. I show off code that I wrote for creating forms that can handle processing data that updates multiple records in a database in a single swoop.
It might be something that a lot of ColdFusion programmers have overcome with experience, but I am trying to help out those that haven't gotten there yet.
The source code is available here: MAXUP2006-CF-dynamic-forms.zip

October 3rd: Anti-DRM Day!