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Panasonic SD5 - HiDef SDHC Camcorder
A self-purchase for my family and I. Upgrading from an old Sony Mini DV camcorder.Comment Icon
Interpol's got PhotoShop Skillz
Interpol has been able to reverse image effects unmasking a pedophile.Comment Icon
Amazon Launches DRM-Free MP3 Store
Cheaper than iTunes. Better quality than iTunes. DRM Free.Comment Icon
Raytheon brings the Pain Gun
"This machine has the ability to inflict limitless, unbearable pain."Comment Icon
How to Solve a Maze with Adobe Photoshop
This is the best hack of PhotoShop I have ever seen.Comment Icon
Urban Dictionary: Prewalking
Walking down the subway platform so that when you board the train, you'll be close to the exit or transfer point when the train reaches its destination.Comment Icon
How to Schedule MySQL Backups in Windows
Gotta love it when something you thought might be challenging is explained to be so easy.Comment Icon
Nintendo to release official MP3 Player for the Nintendo DS
The best handheld gaming system gets a media add-on. Nice.Comment Icon
Laptop sleeves like monster muppets
I don't care how much I like monsters and cartoons and such, I'd feel like the world's biggest weirdo if I actually carried this in public.Comment Icon
"Pee-wee's Playhouse" joining Cartoon Network's Adult Swim
Saturday mornings were so awesome as a kid.Comment Icon
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Errorik's Blog Archive

These are my blog entries - things I wrote, things I linked to, maybe a few rants, lots of improper grammar and personal stories.

Arrested Development Series Finale pitted against Olympic Opening Ceremonies

According to info on TVIV, FOX will be airing the final four episodes of Arrested Development during the same timeslot as he 2006 Turino Olympics opening ceremonies on Friday, February 10th. Go FOX! <sigh>
I am glad that they are being aired at least. I feel it's a shame that they are being aired on an irregular night, and against the Olympics, and to what I can only imagine will be an un-hyped event.

Stabilized Video

If you haven't already seen these before, you have to check them out. Through a method of taking video that was originally shot unsteadily (like with a hand held cam) and then frame-by-frame digitally remastering them to be aligned in a manner where the main contents of the video no long jump around but instead appear in steady fashion.
Person's have taken the famous Zapruder video of the JFK assassination and stabilized it. MOV 6.45 MB from wfmu.org via boingboing.
Another cool example of stabilizing video is where the supposed Big Foot footage has be put into this animated GIF image (3.97 MB) from bigfootencounters.com via boingboing.
I need to do some more research but I wonder if there is software available that makes the stabilization process simple to do (like simpler to do than spelling stabilization).

HD TV = Scary

For the first time ever I watched TV in HD (Hi Definition)... and all I have to say is that Conan O'Brien is scary looking in HD. I can't wait to see The Office tonight in HD. UPDATE: Just to elaborate a little bit on what was so scary about Conan: You could just see a lot of definition in his face, cracks, pits in his skin, and you could tell the make-up was caked on.