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"Pee-wee's Playhouse" joining Cartoon Network's Adult Swim
Saturday mornings were so awesome as a kid.Comment Icon
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Errorik's Blog Archive

These are my blog entries - things I wrote, things I linked to, maybe a few rants, lots of improper grammar and personal stories.

My 2004 GBADEV 2004 Compo Cart Has Arrived!

Back in April after Andy posted a link to pre-order the GBADEV.ORG 2004Mbit Development Competition Cart, I quickly jumped on the opportunity to order myself a cart (hey, 10 games for $12 - how could I really lose?). And boy I am glad I did... it may have taken the greater part of a year to arrive, but the games are fun, and it's a quality product (as you can see from the photos of the carts, boxes, manuals, etc on the site). I'm also glad I ordered right away because with a small run of 500 units this sold out within a few days.
My wife and I have already pitted ourselves against each other to see who can score better in an awesome puzzle game Space Gems (my only complaint is that it's way too short at only 5 levels).
Just yesterday I received a new game Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow for the Nintendo DS - and while I love it and have been intensely playing it in my free time, since the arrival of the compo cart I have chosen to explore these indie games in it's place. That says something for home brew scene!

Worried about the next season of 24

Tonight my wife and I watched what was labeled as a "prequel" to the upcoming season of Fox's 24 (one of the best shows on television in my opinion).
The "prequel" began with a "PRESENTED BY TOYOTA" screen - which is perfectly fine (someone has got to pay the bills)... but from there it all went downhill...
The video (about 11 and a half minutes) told nothing really of the upcoming story, and nothing of what Jack has been up to - instead, it was a commercial for Toyota.
At first I thought it was funny that two characters drove Toyota cars, and not only that, but how the camera made darn sure that we knew that they were driving Toyota cars. But then the chase seen started, and it was just horrible.
To set the scene... Jack was in a Toyota (I think an Avalon), the faceless bad guy was in a black BMW (not sure on the model). The chase lasted maybe 2 and a half minutes, during which: Jack was able out perform the BMW while driven the Avalon in reverse. Jack flawlessly executed every turn along the path (due to the excellent handling of the Avalon no doubt), the BMW however had a horrible time (I think they are known for their poor performance, right?), he slid out in the dirt on the shoulder after being unable to maneuver around other cars on the road, he wasn't able to make the same sharp turn around a corner as the Toyota - but instead spun out. The Toyota continued to corner tightly while the BMW just couldn't handle, thus causing crashes in wooden pallets stacked in an alley and into a forklift (which ended the pursuit).
So several things were wrong here, besides the whole selling out/totally obvious product placement. I can except that the "good guys" will drive Toyotas (when paid to do so), and I am OK with that. But I still want the bad guys in their BMW (or whatever non-Toyota (or Toyota) vehicles) to be a challenge! Isnt that what makes it suspenseful and thrilling?
Oh, and I left out the cheese-factor: When Jack saw his move that would ultimately end the chase he exclaimed, "I got you now", as if he knew that there was no way the BMW could pull this move he was about to unleash. It was a total joke.
I really hope that this prequel was written by some Toyota shmucks and not by the 24 writers, cause if so, Season 5 may be in trouble, and I am worried.
You can view still shots and download the prequel yourself here: http://24natic.atspace.com/Season5/prequel.htm

Server move successful!

I relocated my server to a new co-lo.