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Panasonic SD5 - HiDef SDHC Camcorder
A self-purchase for my family and I. Upgrading from an old Sony Mini DV camcorder.Comment Icon
Interpol's got PhotoShop Skillz
Interpol has been able to reverse image effects unmasking a pedophile.Comment Icon
Amazon Launches DRM-Free MP3 Store
Cheaper than iTunes. Better quality than iTunes. DRM Free.Comment Icon
Raytheon brings the Pain Gun
"This machine has the ability to inflict limitless, unbearable pain."Comment Icon
How to Solve a Maze with Adobe Photoshop
This is the best hack of PhotoShop I have ever seen.Comment Icon
Urban Dictionary: Prewalking
Walking down the subway platform so that when you board the train, you'll be close to the exit or transfer point when the train reaches its destination.Comment Icon
How to Schedule MySQL Backups in Windows
Gotta love it when something you thought might be challenging is explained to be so easy.Comment Icon
Nintendo to release official MP3 Player for the Nintendo DS
The best handheld gaming system gets a media add-on. Nice.Comment Icon
Laptop sleeves like monster muppets
I don't care how much I like monsters and cartoons and such, I'd feel like the world's biggest weirdo if I actually carried this in public.Comment Icon
"Pee-wee's Playhouse" joining Cartoon Network's Adult Swim
Saturday mornings were so awesome as a kid.Comment Icon
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Errorik's Blog Archive

These are my blog entries - things I wrote, things I linked to, maybe a few rants, lots of improper grammar and personal stories.

Photo Tribute: My Son

In honor of today being my son Johnathan's 3rd birthday, I have rounded up 60 odd photos of him to share. Beware of his extreme cuteness and the 1.21 MB worth of photos.
Jboy 1 of 60
Jboy 2 of 60
Jboy 3 of 60
Jboy 4 of 60
Jboy 5 of 60
Jboy 6 of 60
Jboy 7 of 60
Jboy 8 of 60
Jboy 9 of 60
Jboy 10 of 60
Jboy 11 of 60
Jboy 12 of 60
Jboy 13 of 60
Jboy 14 of 60
Jboy 15 of 60
Jboy 16 of 60
Jboy 17 of 60
Jboy 18 of 60
Jboy 19 of 60
Jboy 20 of 60
Jboy 21 of 60
Jboy 22 of 60
Jboy 23 of 60
Jboy 24 of 60
Jboy 25 of 60
Jboy 26 of 60
Jboy 27 of 60
Jboy 28 of 60
Jboy 29 of 60
Jboy 30 of 60
Jboy 31 of 60
Jboy 32 of 60
Jboy 33 of 60
Jboy 34 of 60
Jboy 35 of 60
Jboy 36 of 60
Jboy 37 of 60
Jboy 38 of 60
Jboy 39 of 60
Jboy 40 of 60
Jboy 41 of 60
Jboy 42 of 60
Jboy 43 of 60
Jboy 44 of 60
Jboy 45 of 60
Jboy 46 of 60
Jboy 47 of 60
Jboy 48 of 60
Jboy 49 of 60
Jboy 50 of 60
Jboy 51 of 60
Jboy 52 of 60
Jboy 53 of 60
Jboy 54 of 60
Jboy 55 of 60
Jboy 56 of 60
Jboy 57 of 60
Jboy 58 of 60
Jboy 59 of 60
Jboy 60 of 60

Watch the Presidential Debates on-line

The New York Times is offering video of the Presidential Debates on-line for all to watch. No registration required. This is great because I actually missed them when they aired. It's great to hear both sides. When election day (Nov. 2nd) comes I will be out of town at the Macromedia MAX conference, so I have already placed my vote via absentee ballot. Kottke.org has an excellent Voters Information Guide for the 2004 US Election for anyone seeking information about how to vote.

Star Wars Kid appears in Tony Hawk Underground 2

So last week I picked up Tony Hawk Underground 2 (THUG2) for my Gamecube, and while exploring the Boston level I happened to bust through a window and find a nice little surprise. The developers put a character resembling the internet pop-icon Ghyslain a.k.a. the Star Wars Kid (SWK). The character in the game says multiple lines including "I'm watching a movie here!", "I'm trying to watch my movie!", "Don't make me get medieval on your ass!", "Wanna see my moves?", and various light sabar sound effects. When pressing a button (X on the Gamecube, O on the PS2) the character dances around with a staff.
On Monday while making my rounds I saw a call on Waxy.org (the site that originally launched the SWK video into popularity) looking for a quality video of the game footage with sound, etc. So I answered the call and captured a video showing both how to find SWK from the level starting point and him busting his sweet dance moves. Go to Waxy.org to see the video.
Then two days later while watching The Screen Savers on TechTV the hosts Kevin and Alex played my video from the game. This was especially cool since the video featured my custom character, and I was just like "Hey I did that!". Since Joel was kind enough to give me his unused WinTV card, I record The Screen Savers everyday incase I want to check something out. So low and behold I have the clip of them playing my clip (trying not to get sucked into some space/time continuum vortex alternate reality bizaro world...).

My original video of SWK in THUG2 (on Waxy.org)
The Screen Savers playing my THUG2 SWK video (34.9 MB MPEG)
Alt. version of SWK dancing (not available on Waxy.org) (7.3 MB WMV)

As you can see from watching the TSS clip the hosts gave no love to Waxy.org for the video (Waxy.org credits me), instead they repeat "I dunno who did this..." several times. It turns out in their show notes for the episode they did give Waxy.org credit for the THUG2 video. Unfortunately they didn't give credit, or realize that Waxy.org was the site that made the SWK famous in the first place (and bought the kid an iPod for his troubles of being globally humiliated).
Supposedly the character in THUG2 is playable and officially titled "Geeky Kid", I plan to capture video of him when I complete the requirements.

Silent September

Life happens and all of a sudden you realize that you went silent for a month on your blog; a sure catastrophic blunder in the blogshere. Well it has been a busy month or two for me, and I have several pieces that I have pre-written in Word when I didn't has access to the internet but wanted to say stuff on my blog, I will be ditching some of those but other stuff I plan to finish in post later on.
So I went unemployed for 2 weeks. During that time I built a new desk from scratch, moved my web server from So Cal to Boise, went to Boston where Mike gave an excellent presentation on running a ColdFusion MX development server on Mac OSX, bought an Apple iPod (with a must have iCarPay from Monster - if you go on road trips/drive a lot), and I have gained the opinion that "American Idiot" is one of Green Day's best songs to date (BitTorrent Links: Music Video (DVD VOB) and Top of the Pops Live Performance (MPG)).
As for my employment I am very pleased to announce that I have returned to Price.com after leaving the company over 4 years ago. Returning to Price.com means progress for the site, and again working along side my good friend Mike (he rejoined Price.com this past June). I'm not going to pull a "Ben Goodger" and talk trash but it suffices me to say "we have some *tricks up our sleeves". *New Features. Good day.