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"Pee-wee's Playhouse" joining Cartoon Network's Adult Swim
Saturday mornings were so awesome as a kid.Comment Icon
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Errorik's Blog Archive

These are my blog entries - things I wrote, things I linked to, maybe a few rants, lots of improper grammar and personal stories.

I can't believe it...

I finally have a night where I can play Counter Strike and no Bob_'s are on-line!!!

My Precious

So the past 3 or 4 work days I have working off-site at a client's office. The first day I get there they give me this empty cube that seems twice the size of my normal cube. I have a completely barren desk except for my notebook mouse, a few papers and a pen. I am kinda liking the feeling of this new work space.
So I plug in the network cable... switch on DHCP.. and let's test my connection. Google opens. Hooray! Let's open IM and laff at my co-workers stuck in the office... ERR.. IM doesn't work. Dang. OK.. I will e-mail them. Open Outlook... Checking mail... checking still... hmm.. hasn't gotten my mail yet... ERR Port 25 blocked. Double dang. OK... let me access my work's web based mail client... ERR... doesn't work... Hotmail... ERR... oh wow... those stupid IT guys... they blocked hotmail but they didn't block hotmail.passport.com... I am going to be able to login... ERR. Freak. I am hosed. Ow wait... there's no way they tought to block IRC... ERR wrong. Triple Dang.
Luckily I brought a long a sampling of my MP3 collection. The first couple days I didn't think I could use my headphones... but today I pulled them out.
OK.. so back to my precious... I can't stand that I don't have my e-mail in my Outlook. I have calendar events that I want to enter, and have it synch with my wive's calendar. I want to be able to filter throu my spam, and have an address book to look at and know that I have friend's. But without all that... I just feel unconnected. All my power is gone. It's like I really am alone, in a cube... that Greenday song "All By Myself" that's at the end of their one CD runs through my head.
It's almost unexplainable this emptyness I am feeling. I just tried to explain it to my wife... she doesn't get it.
Anyways.... we went and saw a taping of the Jimmy Kimmel Live show tonight in Hollywood. It was actually a REALLY good show. Guttermouth was the musical guest. Tammy Fae (no Baker) was the guest, and Collin Quinn was the guest co-host (I think the show is going to rotate co-host everyweek (great idea!)). The show that we saw get taped tonight may actually never air. It was a "dress rehearsel" of sorts for the show... they taped it as it was a live real show. Made sure all the equipment and everything worked out as it should. As I understand, the possibility of it actually airring is only around 60%... which to me is crazy cos it was a really good show... I didn't think Tammy Fae could be an entertaining guest.. but she was.... for the Guttermouth fans it was kinda lame because they thought they were going to see a full set, but instead were treated to only three songs. Two songs were scheduled for the show, but the band just kept on playing so the kids got a third song, and then after that the crew turned off the sound system.
OK... well I gotta go find URLs for all the different things I mentioned above.. So I am out.

No Resolutions

Not for me this year. I have things I plan on doing, and some will be brought forth by the end if this month. But no list of resolutions. Why? They won't get done, and then I can look back and see how lame I did. So I choose to just go foward and what happens happens. On a related note, Mike has posted his 20 resolutions for 2003. I determine that 11 of his 20 resolutions will *not* be met in this next year. Sorry Mike. I won't say exactly which ones yet, but I have made my list... and in 1 year we will see if I am wrong or not.

Happy New Year

It's 2003 now. So get ready of a week or so have having to convert your "2"s into funny looking "3"s. I will also be making some changes here on the site.