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Panasonic SD5 - HiDef SDHC Camcorder
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Interpol has been able to reverse image effects unmasking a pedophile.Comment Icon
Amazon Launches DRM-Free MP3 Store
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Urban Dictionary: Prewalking
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Nintendo to release official MP3 Player for the Nintendo DS
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Laptop sleeves like monster muppets
I don't care how much I like monsters and cartoons and such, I'd feel like the world's biggest weirdo if I actually carried this in public.Comment Icon
"Pee-wee's Playhouse" joining Cartoon Network's Adult Swim
Saturday mornings were so awesome as a kid.Comment Icon
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Errorik's Blog Archive

These are my blog entries - things I wrote, things I linked to, maybe a few rants, lots of improper grammar and personal stories.

German teenagers are better shots than American teenagers

I hope this doesn't become a competitive sport between countries, but it's apartently true. Since a single German student just killed 17 others, and then himself.
The victims were made up of 14 teachers, 2 female students, and 1 police officer.
In "the most devastating school shooting in U.S. history", overwise known as Columbine, the US had two gunmen, and only clocked in with a combined total of 14 kills.
I wonder if Slim Shady is going to take credit for this incident in Germany like he did for Columbine?
Regardless of my tone, I don't support actions of this kind, and I regard this as a tragedy.

Attack of the Clones: < one month away

TIME.com put up a review of the upcoming addition into the Star Wars series. The article is long, but well compiled. It goes into the story of CLONES, talks about the technology used in the making the "film", and also contains quotes from the man George Lucas himself. [via ( blogdex )]

Alienware has gone mobile

You may be fimilar with Alienware for their killer custom desktop systems. But you may not be aware that they just opened up a custom notebook configurator for building the killer portable gaming system. My only beef is that they don't allow selecting Win2000 Pro as an OS option, only WinXP Pro and Home.
I'm quite happy with my Sony Vaio GR-300, it does very well with gaming. I run Counter Strike in 3D Mode at 1024x768 with no problems. I haven't installed Quake 3 which is the normal benchmark for performance, but I will soon.

I just wrote the perfect "8"

I was writing the date (today is the 18th) and after I put the "8" down on the paper I had to stop because I was amazed at how perfect it was. It's shape and style combined in the most pleasing way.
Sometimes the bottom half of my eight is too skinny, and looks like a line, and the "8" could probably be read as a "9" (which is really bad, think if I wrote a check for $82.73 and the bank deposited it as $92.73). But this new "8" I just wrote is perfect, the upper half is larger than the bottom, like the alpha male from a group of wild gorillas pushing it's chest outward proclaiming his dominance.
Unfortunately at work I have access to neither a scanner nor a digital camera. So you are just going to have to take my word for it for now.

Things have been slow around here...

Couple reasons:

1) My wife and son left town for two weeks, so I spent ALL my free time re-fimilarizing myself with Counter Strike.

2) Mozilla. Over the past two months I have almost completely phased out using IE as a web browser. I would say I use Mozilla for 95% of my browsing. It would be 100% percent of the time but I'm having major problems getting Outlook and AIM to open links with Mozilla. When I got these programs to not open links in IE, they would just not open the links at all. That sucked, luckily I was able to at least return the settings to open links in IE. All of this really has nothing to do with my lack of posting, but it's relevant because the back-end I built to managing my blog was designed for IE, and uses JavaScript taken from kottke.org's comments page that only works with IE... so writting entries is less appealing to me because of it's added difficulty with Mozilla.

3) School. I finally went to college (read: junior). Something I never really thought I would have to do, since I've been fortunate in life to be able to have the skills and job to pay the bills every month. But it finally came to a point where I want to broaden my knowledge, so I am delving into JavaScript at the moment. I want to take classes down the line into other OOP's such as Perl or C. BTW... I am only taking 2 credits, not a whole lot. But it's two nights a week and does take a whole lot of time away from my family. Yesterday was cool cos I got home from work earlier, and spent about an extra hour with my wife than normal.

4) JavaScript. With the new things I am learning I'd rather spend the time I have making something new with JS than browsing the web. Case in point, the other week while pulling an all night Counter Strike session, I found myself not playing the game and messing with my code. On the homework assignments on my class, instead of just completing the assignment, I find myself going overboard. Last night I was up until 2 AM finishing an assignment.

5) My son. He isn't really to blame at all for my writting here, I just wanted to talk about him. While he was away from me he got his 1st tooth. And just this past week a 2nd one came in. He's growing so fast and is starting to scoot himself on the ground to get objects that are out of his reach. It sounds kinda crazy, but I am so looking forward to the day when he can run around. I want to be able to chase him around when I get home, and wrestle him to the ground, and throw/roll a ball back and forth with him. It's gonna be cool.

So Joel keeps on blocking my attempts to link to him.

I can't understand it, the man that gave us nude photos of himself to use for the AbPuncher product page (forcing us to airbrush speedos onto him), is too shy for me to link to his site anymore. Maybe he doesn't think that his linux box can handle the traffic?
So far, the only way for me to get around Joel's blockage is to move a redirect file to a different domain that I control, but there's only so long that I can do this for until I just plain run out of domains, then I would have to resort to using free hosting services like yahoo or tripod.
Or... everyone who reads this can start linking to Joel, and he can just block the whole internet if he wishes... he can be a recluse. So, if you may, here's a couple of good links, all these links support the question, "Is Joel a Loser?":

Is Joel a Loser?

google knows

see Joel lose

Is Joel really a loser?

I wasn't sure, so I went to google.com and did a search for "loser joel" and the 2nd result was for a page on stinkfactor.com stating that Joel was in fact a "loser". This may not be interesting to anyone but myself, but when your night class has a 30 minutes break and you got a computer in front of you... well, there's not much else to do.
I'd like to work on getting Joel's site itself to pop up in google's results for anyone searching on just the term "loser". Is this possible??? If you are interested in helping with this movement, post a comment saying so, or post a link on your site to Joel's asking the same question: "Is Joel really a loser?"
Note: All links on my site to Joel's site may not work from time to time since Joel can't handle me pointing out that he might have traces of being a loser in his blood. All I can say is: "Hey Joel, what's your stinkfactor batting average?" So people, bear with me as Joel and I battle out this linking issue with each other.
His URL is: http://www.joelgrimes.net/

No description

I thought this page was funny... Once you go there, "Having a conversation with the gorilla" will never mean the same thing to you. [via b3ta.com]

Think you can spot a shemale?

B3ta.com has put up a little quiz so you can test your skillz. I was 11 for 16. [via blogdex]