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Panasonic SD5 - HiDef SDHC Camcorder
A self-purchase for my family and I. Upgrading from an old Sony Mini DV camcorder.Comment Icon
Interpol's got PhotoShop Skillz
Interpol has been able to reverse image effects unmasking a pedophile.Comment Icon
Amazon Launches DRM-Free MP3 Store
Cheaper than iTunes. Better quality than iTunes. DRM Free.Comment Icon
Raytheon brings the Pain Gun
"This machine has the ability to inflict limitless, unbearable pain."Comment Icon
How to Solve a Maze with Adobe Photoshop
This is the best hack of PhotoShop I have ever seen.Comment Icon
Urban Dictionary: Prewalking
Walking down the subway platform so that when you board the train, you'll be close to the exit or transfer point when the train reaches its destination.Comment Icon
How to Schedule MySQL Backups in Windows
Gotta love it when something you thought might be challenging is explained to be so easy.Comment Icon
Nintendo to release official MP3 Player for the Nintendo DS
The best handheld gaming system gets a media add-on. Nice.Comment Icon
Laptop sleeves like monster muppets
I don't care how much I like monsters and cartoons and such, I'd feel like the world's biggest weirdo if I actually carried this in public.Comment Icon
"Pee-wee's Playhouse" joining Cartoon Network's Adult Swim
Saturday mornings were so awesome as a kid.Comment Icon
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Errorik's Blog Archive

These are my blog entries - things I wrote, things I linked to, maybe a few rants, lots of improper grammar and personal stories.

I'm a horrible brother

I just realized that I forgot to call my sister and wish her a happy birthday. She's my only sibling and I should have done so. Today (err yesterday now) was busy, setup for the fair at 8 am, helping friends move into thier new apt from 10am to 1pm, then immediately back to the fair to take down the tables and chairs I put up... then realized I missed my family get together that I was assigned to bring dessert to... then hurrying to get to my place because I had 7 people invited over to have a LAN Counter Strike party. At one point I told myself I was gonna stop playing and call her... but I forgot. You should always do something immediately when you think of it... rather than trying to say, "i'll remember it later"... then the time flew by... infact, I had a thought to try something out with a friend, and so I called his place to talk to him about it... not realizing that it was minutes shy of midnight, and woke his family with a 3 month old baby.... and then after playing somemore... now remembered that I'm an idiot for not calling my sis.

Isn't it ironic?

Today my church hosted a community Safety Awareness Fair. The local police and firemen were there, along with other safety related groups like neighborhood watch and ham radio people.
So I was there this morning setting up chairs and tables for the different groups and I sliced my finger on a table. It wasn't that bad, but I immediately had an ambulence working offering me to bandage it up... I thought it was a little overboard to accept the offer so I declined.

Photo of the planet Earth at night

This photo is crazy cool. It captures all the city lights from all over the planet.
[I've been a kungfoo junkie]

Your City Vs. A Nuclear Blast

PBS has a "tool" they call Map Blaster. You can use the Map Blaster to see the damage a nuclear blast would do to your home, or another location. It gives a detail of far spread the damage would be, and to what extend... It's quite nice, and yet desturbing. [via kungfoo]

In a Nutshell

Nutshell is little (read: 70k download) app that is an add-on to IE 5.5+ that is a special search box that can search google.com, amazon.com, dictionary.com, IMDB, and daypop. This is cool.
I have a custom built start page at home which has links to all of the above, except for daypop. But using this app intergrated with the browser is nice. Props to the inventor.

Want to have your computer follow you around your house?

This may be old news to some of you but Microsoft is developing a line of devices they call Mira devices.
Mira devices appear to be portable flat screen monitors that are also touchpads. These devices will run off of Windows CE, and be linked to a base computer running Windows XP, you can carry them anywhere in the house and control the base computer.
As the article mentions, you can pop a DVD into your computer and then, via the Mira, take the movie into anyroom to watch it. You could even take the movie with you while getting something in the kitchen.

Create your own mugshot!

This cool Flash App let's you create a flash image of yourself. It's not really a mugshot, but like a drawing you see of the Unibomber when there wasn't a real photo of him, just some vauge descriptions. Here's the best I could make of myself with limited time. I look like a regular murder suspect. [via funjunkie in the uk]

I like Mike's new header image...

Check it out at his site, link. PS. Don't forget to hover.
It's late and I've been up working on eBOREDS.com code.
I also thought I'd mention that it's really wierd to watch an episode of Survivor Marquesas, and then immediately throw in the DVD of Cast Away. It just is.

Speaking of lethargicness...

Why have I not posted anything new in the past 11 days? Could it be my new subscription to Netflix? Possibly. But I recently did something kind of cool using my new found JavaScript skills.
Next to the date of each blog entry there is a little < image. This image is linked to a URL that can be used to link directly to a particular blog entry. I believe the term for this sorta thing is "permalink".
Well, before today, when you clicked on the link your browser would go to the new URL, and then you could copy the URL out of the address bar on your web browser, well now with my JS enhancement when you click on the image you get a little confirmation window that asks you if you want the URL to be automatically copied into your clipboard.
The script also degrades nicely for browsers that don't support the clipboard functionality (read: all non-IE browsers) giving them a popup window with the URL displayed for them to copy.

US Patent Issued for Method of Exercising Your Cat - Use Laser Pointer

Joel IM'd me a link to a story about a US Patent that was issued for a method of exercising a cat. The patent claims that cats by nature are very hard to get to do any form of exercise, and by using a laser pointer you can overcome this natural lethargicness.
Here's some of the actual text from the patent:
A method for inducing cats to exercise consists of directing a beam of invisible light produced by a hand-held laser apparatus onto the floor or wall or other opaque surface in the vicinity of the cat, then moving the laser so as to cause the bright pattern of light to move in an irregular way fascinating to cats, and to any other animal with a chase instinct.
Thanks Joel. [via Joel a.k.a. the AbPuncher]